one length

I am a huge fan of all one-length cuts. It’s the pure simplicity of the cut that makes it so great. This style allows your clothing and makeup to do all the talking. However, there is one problem that occurs with all one length hair and that is the heavy overall feeling of the look. The weight of the cut makes it difficult for hair to spring and move and flow. Click the notes for tips on how to get your one length cut to move. –– Kelly Rowe

Step: In damp hair heavily layer in wave mist roots to ends.

Step: Twist hair into rope style braids all around head.

Step: Allow hair to air dry or dry with a diffuser. If your braids unravel a bit as they dry let them be, if you start touching your hair it will frizz.

Step: When hair is 100% dry, shake the twists out while pulsing in refresh.

Step: Tousle waves. Don’t be concerned with keeping the waves, they will most definitely fall, but you will have swing and bounce in your hair all day.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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