Shoulder grazing looks and lob-bob styles can look great but they can also look a bit bland. Get the right cut, the right color, and the right style and you will have your friends wanting your look and they will for sure be asking where you get your hair done. Get the wrong one and you may be wishing you never went for the chop. How can you love your length and upgrade the look to cool, edgy, and young? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

Have it cut with a razor.

You can keep the blunt effect without a scissor. Have your stylist cut your hair with a razor; this will make the ends more tapered and free flowing, allowing your hair to move more freely. The overall look will be a softer version that instantly has a bit of the perfectly imperfect vibe.


Pick a bold solid shade.

Your average shades and normal highlights are not the one to pick for this cut; they will do nothing for the overall look and leave you feeling like you look less than stellar. This is the perfect length to pick a punchy hue. It’s long enough to show off the color but not too long to overwhelm you. Try a bright platinum blonde, a fiery primary red, or go for a pastel pink or purple.


Get a permanent texture service.

This cut looks best worn with a rocker vibe of texture. If you are like me and hate having to put in the work for this, I suggest getting a permanent wave service that will give you wash and wear hair. Go for an American Wave, it will give you sexy waves and also give you more time in the morning to focus on more important things like an awesome breakfast.



By Kelly Rowe. A Graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School, Kelly is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributer to Style Noted.  

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