A red hair hue can be a cue to a new you. From fire engine to deep plum, the possibilities are limitless. With so many options, how do you pick the right one? We asked Eve Galmiche, hair color specialist at ARROJO NYC, for the inside track. Find her expert view, and a helpful red color wheel, in the notes.

Attention to detail is the key to making your red stand out from the rest. Think in terms of level. Is your hair fair or is there depth in the skin tone? Are you naturally blonde or brunette? Is the skin pinkish, golden, olive or neutral?

If your hair and/or skin is naturally dark, you will look best with a deeper, darker red with a hint of plum or deep cinnamon undertones. If your hair is fair and with pinkish undertones, consider a lighter red with coppery orange reflection.

If you are more in the middle, a good option is to try a temporary version of the red you have in mind, so that you can test the color out before committing to a more permanent change. I love working with temporary red glazes if my client is unsure. It allows me to experiment creativity, until I find the perfect shade. 

Your style preferences are also important. Do you want to be subtle or bold? Are you ok with something that looks unnatural? I believe anyone can wear any color, just not right around the face. If you want to try a more bold unnatural tone, go for it, but focus the boldest tones towards the bottom of the hair, and keep a more natural color near the face.

One thing to avoid is mixing extremely cool and extremely warm tones on the same style. Pairing a warm copper red with a cool cherry red can make your hair look like ‘ketchup and mustard.’

The right shade of red will give you a striking, attention-grabbing change. Below you’ll find a color chart that I made; it illustrates reds from warm to cool. It should help you along the way. Have fun going red!



Eve Galmiche is a colorist and texture specialist at ARROJO NYC.

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