It certainly is the heyday of the braided hairstyle, and we have another how-to to share with you. The rope braid is extremely simple to create but looks exceptional. To put a “twist” on the rope braid, you can even braid ribbons straight into your hair. Click through for our style notes to create your rope braid.

Step: Start with damp hair. Hair will be easier to twist and will have a finer finish once dry. Use detangling foam and brush hair as smooth as possible.

Step: Establish a starting point and pull your hair into a pony. For a messier look, skip this step and start the braid at the nape of your neck.

Step: Make two sections in your ponytail, and start twisting each section around your fingers. Twist until ends.

Step: Start crossing the two twisted sections over themselves. Keep braiding and tie with elastic.

Step: Finish with holding spray.

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