Here’s a perfect modern interpretation of a vintage hairstyle. Ever since the 1950s, and the accompanying golden age of Hollywood, an asymmetrical, short-to-long shape with a tumbling wave or curl cascade has epitomized beauty and glamor. Why? The stye is a great way to open the face-frame, while the ‘C’ and ‘S’ shapes are always romantic, especially when draped off of neck and shoulders. In past times, this kind of look was also beyond the reach of many, which made it even more desirable. But now, with modern hot-tools making it quicker and easier to manipulate hair, it can be made in fifteen minutes. To learn how, click style notes.

Step: Cocktail styling whip and shine luxe oil; apply to towel-dried hair. Blowdry smooth and voluminous with a boar bristle round brush.

Step: Use the arch of the eyebrow as a guide to make a strong side-part. Mist both side sections with protective thickening lotion. Curl the short side lightly with an iron or wand, and tuck behind ear.

Step: On the long side, make full and proper curls. Once set, use a brush to brush these curls into flowing ‘S’ and ‘C’ shaped waves that tumble down the neck line.

Step: For hold and humidity defense, mist finished style with primp working spray



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