Hairstyling should be creative and fun. Playing around with updos gives girls a chance to create unique, individual élan. Every girl deserves some time to sit by her vanity mirror, and to primp to their hearts content.  One blog embodying this spirit is , and we’re thrilled to be sharing their brilliant pictorial how-to’s on Style Noted, which we are accompanying with expert Style Notes from the pros at ARROJO.   

The first is great for girls who love to wear bangs, yet struggle to pair them with the right updo. A braided bun with a fringe, it has shabby chic appeal for cocktails and brunches, yet remains sophisticated enough for work. Make this bun your own with our top tips…

Step: It’s better to leave hair dry and unwashed. A little dirty is preferable to too clean as the gritty texture will support and hold the updo more effectively.

Step: If shampooing, apply set & style spray and blast dry with blowdryer to create some texture. If not shampooing, pulse Refinish dry shampoo into hair to increase texture and volume.

Step: Separate bangs and gather rest of hair on top of head. Fix into a tight pony.

Step: From the side of the ponytail, take 1/4 of off its whole (as seen in photo 3) and drop to the side.

Step: Leaving the 1/4 section aside, use the rest of the pony to create a nice thick bun.

Step: Once bun is secured, braid the the 1/4 section you cast aside. A regular braid is fine, or get creative if you’re feeling fancy. Tie off with invisible elastic.

Step: Secure braid using small bobbypins. A pin every two inches around keeps it secure.

Step: Pulse Refinish dry shampoo into finished look to add grittiness to the texture.


A special thank you to the for sharing their wonderful, pictorial hair how to’s with Style Noted. 

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