An exciting addition to any girl’s vanity table, the styling wand is a fairly new to market product. It is changing how we style hair. We can use it to create curls, iron out cowlicks, flatten flyways, add customized shapes to different sections of the cut; wands are more versatile than flat irons and curling irons. But they can be tricky. Hand position, wand position, the way you move it up or down or left or right –– it all has an effect on results. Throw a mirror into the mix and it is understandable that at-home hair doers can find them disorientating. So we asked Cheryl Fazio , star stylist at ARROJO studio, NYC, to give us some quick tips for wand wizardry. Read on for her expert view…

Step: One of my favorite ways to use the wand is to put bounce and curl into straight, flat or limp hair. The wand is great for adding texture, quick as a flash.

Step: When making texture changes –– no matter the tool –– choosing the right products is essential to success. It’s tricky because the products you need often vary, depending on your hair type.

Step: For girls with fine or limp hair, prep with volume foam and dry shampoo. This will give you root lift, bulk, and grip, which go together to make styling easier and better. For girls with thick or coarse hair, it’s beneficial to prep with a generous supply of hair creme. This will soften and smooth, making hair more malleable.

Step: Now to make the texture: On the first side, take one-inch diagonal sections and wrap hair away from face with the skinny side of the wand pointing downwards. Leave ends out is desired result is a more beachy, lived-in feel.

Step: Repeat on the opposite side. To get the same look on both sides, it is vital that you switch the hand that carries the wand. The wand should still be pointing downwards and your hair should still be wrapped away from your face.

Step: Using flat brush, brush out curls until you reach your desired aesthetic.


Special thanks to Cheryl Fazio for sharing her how-to and images with style noted.

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