center part

Lately I have been seeing the center part trending again, but believe it or not this is one of the hardest styles to wear. The center part is notorious for highlighting imperfections in the face and can be incredibly unflattering. So, how can you adapt this trend to your own features? Click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe

If your face is narrow and/or long…

Make the part soft with lots of volume. A soft part means no harsh lines. It is perfectly ok for it to be a bit messy, rather than perfectly geometic. Next, increase the volume to add width to your face. A center part can make a face look ultra narrow and long so curls and wave will help balance this out.


If you have a strong nose…

Add bangs or curl the hair away from the face. A center part draws a line down the center of your face, which will bring attention to your nose. A fringe will soften the harshness. Another option is to curl or blow dry hair away from the face in a modern Farrah Fawcett ‘do. This will open the features instead of focusing on one area.


If your face is asymmetric…

If you are like pretty much everyone else your face is not 100% symmetric. Shifting your part slightly off the center will give the illusion of a center style but will balance your face.


By Kelly Rowe. Kelly Rowe is a professional hair stylist in NYC and a regular contributor to Style Noted.

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