There are a few things curly-haired girls should have in their hair routine— and wet styling is one of them! We spoke with Nick Arrojo, Owner & Founder of ARROJO NYC to find out the easiest way to get bounce & volume for natural-looking wave or curl patterns.

It all starts with the right cocktail!

For fine hair, use a volume foam body-building  first and then a lightweight curl enhancer

For medium to thick or slightly coarse hair, cocktail curl definer with curl control

Apply products from roots to ends, and comb hair with a wide-tooth comb to undo any knots in your hair and aid even distribution of the products, ensuring curls get maximum performance benefits,” he explains. Once products are set in place, Nick stresses the importance of the “cup, squeeze, scrunch” method. “In small sections from the underneath up, gently cup, scrunch, and squeeze curls. Don’t be tempted to freely run your fingers through hair—this disturbs curls, which creates frizz. Just remember: Cup, squeeze, scrunch.”

Nick says to continue this styling method until hair dries, and then gently tousle at the roots to soften curls. “Don’t stress about making curls too perfect; curls are meant to fall imperfectly; it’s part of their charm. Enjoy the individuality and freedom of textured tresses,” he adds.

What is your go-to wet styling routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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