Growing up I used to love to watch the show I Dream of Jeannie on Nick at Nite. Jeannie’s antics as she vied for the attention of Tony were always laughable and I watched every week to see what crazy situation would happen next. More so than the comedy, I loved Jeanie’s signature red and pink outfit and her bouncy ponytail. This year for Halloween, I decided to indulge my childhood fantasies and dress as her. Sourcing the crop top and harem pants was easy and I even found this awesome I Dream of Jeannie inspired hair tutorial demonstrated by Dulce Candy Ruiz, a California based blogger. Dulce’s video made it easy for me to recreate the look and I had a lot of fun pretending I was Barbara Eden. Due to my dark locks, I ended up looking like Jeannie’s evil twin sister Jeannie ||, which I happily didn’t protest. Now I just have to master that fold of the arms, nod of the head and double blink routine. To learn to recreate Jeannie’s signature pony, click here–– Michelle Rotbart

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