From Cruella de Vil to Khaleesi, icy blonde, boarderline silver hair makes a bold & powerful statement. The trend has transitioned from the big screen to the city streets and we want to know how we can achieve the icy shade, the right way.

Tessa Sprauer, ARROJO SoHo colorist and blonde specialist, gives us the inside scoop on Icy Blonde.

 “The shade is trending, but it’s always been in style—it’s the new platinum blonde,” says Tessa. “It’s timeless and has been coveted over many generations of beauty.”

Before you get any ideas, Tessa warns, that the color is hard to achieve. “It must be lifted past the yellow stage, and then a purple-based toner is applied, which fades over time.” She thinks the fact that it’s more difficult to achieve makes people want it more, treating it as a victory when they finally reach that icy shade!

So whats the difference between ice blonde, platinum blonde, other blondes?

Tessa explains, “The only difference between icy blonde and platinum blonde is the name. These words mean something different to everyone, so pictures are the best way to nail the tone you are looking for. It’s also important to remember that ice blonde can be achieved by using a multitude of techniques, whether it be an all over bleach and tone or highlights.”

Take a look at some of Tessa’s work, and choose one to bring to your next hair appointment.

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Screen Shot 2017-07-27 at 11.10.13 AM

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