Marilyn is the epitome of glamor and an icon for generations of women. Dressed up or down, she is always chic. The fashion she wears here is casual –– although, even in a turtle neck, she manages to look ravishing –– and offers an every-day version of her iconic look. The voluminous wreath of soft blonde coils worn off the face provides an elegant option for shoulder-length cuts and can be easily adapted to longer styles. The height of the hair and the undulating movement of the waves provide a feminine, age-defying affect. To try this heroine look at home, read the simple steps below….

Step: Apply styling whip to damp, clean hair from roots to ends for volume. Spray set and style into roots for extra hold. Rough-dry hair until it is only slightly damp, lifting hair at the roots with your fingers to create volume.

Step: Using a small ceramic round brush, lift the hair up and away from the scalp, place the ends around the brush and roll in from the ends toward the scalp to create curl. After the section is completely dry, use a pincurl clip to hold the coil in place while it cools. Spray each curl with primp working spray.

Step: When all ringlets have cooled, take out clips and use a wide tooth comb to refine the shape. Mist with holding spray for longevity.

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