jennifer lawrence

She may be the law, but Jennifer Lawrence still hawks her wares for Dior. Her flawless complexion shows off their new Addict Makeup line, but what we love is her ubiquitous hairdo. The style –– with the hair pushed back off the face in a soft flyaway texture that creates an artfully imperfect, undone feel –– works with long or short hair. If it’s short you can just push it nonchalantly through to the back; if it’s mid length or long, simply gather excess hair and wrap into a casual little bun or twist. For more tips, click the notes.

Step: Leave hair unwashed. Second day hair gives you more grip and a bit of grit, which helps the aesthetic of loose and imperfect textures.

Step: In lieu of washing, use refinish dry shampoo to dry clean hair, amp texture and volume. Apply at the roots and shake out using hands. Now rake hair up from front to back. If hair doesn’t lift, wave, and flyway like it should, spritz with wave mist and use a curling wand to quickly make some haphazard body and wave.

Step: Continue to loosely push hair through to the back, while being mindful to leave lots of hair strands flying free.

Step: If hair is mid length or longer, gather the remaining hair just below the occipital bone and create a loose bun or twist using bobby pins. Mist completed style with healing oil for a sultry finish.

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