The Spring Summer 2015 runways were, for the most part, extremely understated. Blowouts were the exception, not the rule. Models wore little to no makeup. Sheer fabrics, soft suedes, and feather embellishments gave earthy appeal to designer collections. All of this minimalism made bold touches really pop: a swipe of orange shadow, a bright shoe, or a statement hairstyle. The edgy styles shown here were some of our favorites. Clusters of tight knots and wild tendrils exhibit punk influence, but paired with minimal makeup and feminine ensembles the styles feel playful, not confrontational. Learn about adding some quirky rebellion to your look in the style notes. –– Laura Martin

Step: Mist clean, dry hair with healing oil, focusing on ends and brush through to smooth and detangle.

Step: Divide hair vertically into 3-5 sections, working across the top of the head. Clip each section separately.

Step: Take the front section and twist tightly, beginning at the scalp until hair begins to double back on itself, then wind into a tight twist, leaving ends free. Attach at the scalp with bobby pins.

Step: Twist remaining sections as described above. Space evenly into a mohawk shape, or pile the knots together at the top of the head or crown.

Step: If desired, pull sections loose from the front hairline, tease lightly and spray with primp.

Special thanks to Laura Martin for this post. Laura is a professional hair stylist, former senior educator at ARROJO cosmetology school, and a creative non-fiction MFA student at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA


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