There are few cuts as classic or iconic as the bob. From Louise Brooks’ original helmet bob in the Jazz Age to Jackie Kennedy’s lady bob to Victoria Beckham, Katie Homes and Karlie Kloss we’ve seen it worn in a variety of ways, from stacked to layered, textured to smooth. But we’ve still got a soft spot for the classic, one-length bob. Timeless, feminine and unfussy this cut never goes out of style. It works for many face shapes and requires minimal upkeep. Learn more about this beautiful hair shape in the notes.

Step: The bob shown here is the same length from back to front, a shape often called a square bob. This cut can work at any length from chin to shoulder. Ask your stylist about which length is best for you.

Step: If you have straight hair the cut should have a slight bevel on its own. For a casual look, hair crème will give a bit of texture and control without blowdrying. To amp up the texture and volume, first style messily with texture paste and then use refinish dry shampoo to instantly add grit and body.

Step: For a more polished finish, use shine luxe oil through mids and ends before drying with a small paddle brush. The oil will add shine and allow the hair to lie smoother, giving you a beautiful, glassy finish.

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