Ombre hair color has been one of the biggest things to happen to fashion in the past few years. Its mark was so strong, it has gone beyond trend to become a staple. As such, fashion and beauty mavens are looking for ways to take dark to light hair colors to the next level. Ergo, this remarkable graduation from deep, mysterious violet to vivid purple-pink could be just the mixture to make fashionista hearts happy in spring. For tips on attaining and maintaing a similar hue, click style notes.

Step: Ask your colorist for a contemporary, subtle ombre. Notice how in the featured image, there are no stark lines of color contrast, which was atypical in the first days of ombre. Now, your ombre should blend more or less seamlessly. This color drifts from a red-violet magenta at the roots to a bright purple-pink on the ends; ask your colorist for similar dimension.

Step: Preserve shine and tone and save trips to the salon with the color save regimen. Formulated with a color-locking complex, they help to stop color molecules escaping ––  that means less fading.

Step: Once weekly, use hair repair masque as a restorative treatment, helping to keep luster in your color. In lieu of wet shampoo, we also recommend you dry shampoo at least a couple of times a week. In the same way as dry cleaning your little red dress protects its future condition, dry shampoo protects hair from color stripping.

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