Taken from the new ARROJO Trend Release for 2019, COLLECTIVE, this image highlights a style perfect for your Valentine’s Day Date Night. The deep side part and tousled swoosh encourage an admirer’s eyes to drift across all your prettiest facial features, like cheekbones, chin, lips and eyes. With a blowdryer, your hands and some well-chosen products you can create this look in 15 minutes. Learn how in the style notes. 

Step: Towel-dry clean wet hair to damp. Combine a handful of styling whip with a handful of volume foam and work through hair, roots to ends. Blow dry to about 75 percent dry, all the while using hands to toss the hair from side to side, up and around. This will create natural-looking texture, perfect for this sexy, lived-in style. 

Step: Make a deep side part on your favorite side, using the outside arch of the eyebrow as your guide. Swoop the long side over and across. 

Step: Spritz hair with set and style spray and finish blowdrying while loosely pushing the hair into the tousled, side-parted shape you see in the picture. 

Step: On finished style, liberally pulse in ReFINISH dry shampoo. Gently shake and tousle hair with hands. This will add instant texture and volume with a sexy, lived in feel. 

Step: Use fingers to tuck the short side behind the ear to accentuate the asymmetrical shape that softens the features and sways admirer’s eyes to wander of your most feminine facial features. 


Hair: ARROJO Creative Team led by Lina Arrojo using ARROJO Product, American Wave Hair Care 

Fashion Styling: Nikki Ottav

Photography: Cody Lidtke

Makeup: Tony Tulve for Kreative Kommune


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