Epitomizing modern disheveled elegance, braids have become a central tenant of streetwise fashions. But now they are so popular, finding a twine that’s not already been done is a task. The Halo is one of the most worn plaits of them all, with the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Dianna Agron, and Ashley Olson all giving it a go. This version of the Halo does, however, offer something different. The loops of the braid are so thick and chunky that it looks more like a romantic hair wreath, creating an artfully Grecian aesthetic that is sure to surprise and delight. Anyone with long hair can recreate this beautiful, vanguard look. For tips, click style notes.

Step 1: If hair in too clean, braids are hard to twine together; you need some texture and grip. Prep dry hair with refinish dry shampoo to create the perfect lived-in texture for braiding.

Step 2: Pull hair back into a low pony and three-strand plait very large, 2 or 3-inch sections all the way around. The entwine should be loose, thick and chunky and comforting, like a favorite sweater.

Step 3: Secure with a clear headband, so it doesn’t show. Alternatively, if hair is shorter, you can create this braid by brushing hair towards the front and braiding from ear to ear.

Step 4: Wrap it around and secure with bobby pins. Loosen a few pieces of hair, especially around the face frame to add to the disheveled, lived-in feel.

Step 5: Mist with primp working spray for support and shine.

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