Hair Accessories have had quite the year- from ornate bridal headpieces to laced peek-a-boo headbands to almost everything in between. Are you ready for the next hair accessory trend?

We’ve seen a slow comeback of this 80’s staple throughout the year, but we’ve officially seen it on the red carpet, marking the beginning of a new trend. The scrunchie, was worn by none other than model and Kardashian squad member Hailey Baldwin, during a press run last night.

So how did Baldwin rock the scrunchie exactly? She wore a pale blue suit jacket type dress with a curled high pony wrapped in a darker blue scrunchie.

If you are on board with the scrunchie trend- here’s how to get this look at home.

1. Rake your hair up into a high ponytail and wrap with your trustee scrunchie.

2. Take your Curling Wand, portion hair into 3 sections and wrap each section leaving the ends off of the iron for breezy casual waves.

3. Pull a few baby hairs from the crown of your head to frame your face & then finish with a few spritz of Glint Texture & Shine Spray for added hold and texture.

How do you feel about the scrunchie trend? Will you be rocking the retro look on your next night out?


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