With Mulberry championing pastel-gelato color shades with their new candy-inspired campaign, it’s fair to say the most fashion-forward hair color accent right now is a soft pastel pink-on-blonde. And January Jones has jumped on trend! She’s got the natural coloring that is perfect for luscious golden blonde, and now she has vamped it up with this soft, peachy-pink sorbet hue. We think this is a great accent for flaxen tones, and a stylish way to update your look for spring and summer.

Step: If your hair is light, you have a whole rainbow of shades to choose from for your accent of color.

Step: Different tones of reds and purples and pinks can all look good. A good idea is to think about your summer wardrobe. What hair color accent will best suit your daily attire?

Step: The classic way to get this color is with a modified highlighting technique, however, there is a new trend called hair painting that more and more colorists are using. By hand-painting color onto hair, expert colorists have more control –– they can tailor then accent more precisely. Don’t worry if your colorist wants to paint on color, typically, the results are fantastic.

Style Notes provided by Mariesa Ferraro, Senior Colorist, ARROJO studio, NYC.


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