The Oscars elicit imagery of old Hollywood glamor, like Veronica Lake’s retro wave cascade. Typically, today’s celebs either recreate these looks faithfully, or change it up completely with newfangled fashions. But Jennifer Garner managed an elegant juxtaposition between the old and the new with this soft and sultry, side-swept wave. It pays homage to the asymmetrical shape of the vintage waves of Tinsel Town, yet features a much softer, free-flowing feeling than those carved and controlled ‘S’ shapes; and rather than being tucked all the way back, the short side of the part is left loose, for a subtly askew face-frame. For styling tips, click notes.

Step 1: Towel-dry hair to damp. Cocktail styling whip and volume foam. Blowdry in hands to about 80% dry. Toss, scrunch, twist, and twirl hair as you do, encouraging natural volume and texture.

Step 2: Add some shine luxe oil from mid-lengths to ends, make a side part, and complete blow-dry with a big, boar bristle round brush to further encourage a full and wavy shape.

Step 3: Finish by lightly curling a few pieces down either side using a curling wand. Keep the spirals loose and casual.

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