Raven haired and braided, Jennifer Lawrence came to fame as Katniss, The Hunger Games’ fierce street urchin. For the film, she needed an edgy look to go with her character and although cool and creative, the roughed up look hid some of her natural prettiness. Now we are seeing Jennifer in all her glory, and what a beauty! This archetypal blonde bombshell look is gorgeous and on-trend. A long layer cut styled with center-part and textural beach waves, we love seeing Jennifer looking this sultry and sassy.

Step: Cocktail volume foam and styling whip. Use lots and lots of each. Apply roots to ends of damp, towel-dried hair.

Step: Working from roots to mid-lengths, blowdry with flat paddle brush. Keep hair at the crown flat to the head.

Step: On bottom half of hair shaft, take small sections and wrap and twist around two or three fingers. Hold onto these twists and, one by one, blowdry them up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. This creates soft cascades.

Step: If you need a more defined and tousled beach wave, mist side-sections with thermal protector and, a few strands at a time, wind hair onto curling iron. Hold, then release. Repeat anywhere more wavy definition is needed or desired.

Step: Primp shape with fingers. Mist with holding spray for support and shine.


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