The San Diego Comic Con is not the first thing to spring to mind when one thinks of celebrity-ridden, red carpet affairs. Yet this iconic convention continues to draw A-listers. We think it’s because it allows them to be much more casual, wear dress-up and hair that fulfills their own sci-fi fantasies. Whatever our suppositions, Jennifer Lawrence’s winding road of micro-braids shows us another inventive and trendsetting way to keep hair off the face in the heat and humidity of summer. For our tips to creating a similar look, click style notes.

Step: Separate bang section and mist with set and style spray. Blowdry bangs side to side using comb. When close to dry, switch to blowdrying straight down, but keep them imperfect.

Step: Gather rest of hair in the back. Make a tight little bun or knot, but be sure to leave out a few, one-inch wide sections of hair, spaced evenly across the top of the head.

Step: Take these one-inch sections and make micro-braids. To do, mist the section with refinish dry shampoo for texture and grip and make simple two-strand twines that work their way to the back.

Step: Wind each of these micro braids around and into the knot that sits on the occipital bone. Mist with primp working spray for hold and shine.

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