Taking a break from selfies, Jennifer Lawrence is back to being ogled in the high-brow fashion in this shoot by Thomas Lohr for Madame Figaro, the weekly French publication. Her graphic Dior dress is hard to ignore but her super subtle and simple hairstyle is its perfect contrast, creating the image of carefree indifference that makes this blonde beauty so sexy. An elegant, gently windswept off the face style, it’s a look that any girl can achieve. For our tips, click notes.


Step: Shampoo and condition with shine luxe to make hair soft and loose. Gently towel-dry.

Step: Apply cream whip and comb through hair for even product distribution. Allow hair to air-dry; scrunch and tousle every few minutes to encourage natural texture and volume.

Step: Once 95% dry, rake hands through hair, front to back. Gather below the occipital bone and tie in a knot, ensuring there are plenty of artfully placed flyaway strands falling all the way around the hair line.

Step: Mist lightly with ReFRESH for softness, silk and shine. Gently tousle the finish with hands.


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