What makes J-Law sexy is that she doesn’t give a damn. Here she is at the LA premiere  of the final and most anticipated installment of her money-spinning franchise, so one might think she’d put her hair up, or at least blow it out and make it shiny. But The Law’s having none of it. Instead, she wears a gritty air-dried natural texture bob that sings the insouciant song of the easygoing siren. Want to recreate this look for weekend shopping and brunch dates? Learn how in the notes. 

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Liberally apply styling whip from roots to ends. Using hands, take one inch sections of hair and wrap into tight little twists. Leave for five minutes.

Step: Shake out gently from the roots, unraveling the twists. Rub curl enhancer into palms and, from tip to root, cup, scrunch and squeeze the hair in small sections.

Step: Use hands to style as you like it and, once dry, pulse refinish into the roots, leave for a minute, and shake out, encouraging more texture and volume.

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