In the ’80 we wore claw bangs, in the ‘90s we wore baby bangs, in 2012, there is another kind of dramatic fringe: the blunt bang. Great for drawing attention to the windows of the soul –– eyes! –– Jessica’s fringe complements the dynamic straightness that makes this a mod-inspired, statement style. We love it because it’s such a professional, pulled together look, it supports a strong personal image, yet anyone can do it in ten minutes.

Step: On damp hair, use a comb to section out blunt bangs. Mist with set & style spray. Blowdry side to side first, them straight down. This creates a smooth and polished bang.

Step: Mist thermal protector and set & style spray into the rest of the hair. Thermal protects from high-heat and adds hold; set and style is great for blowdrying smooth, sleek styles.

Step: Use round brush to blowdry. Going from roots to ends, blowdry straight and smooth.

Step: If there are any kinks at the end, cure them by going over the section quickly with a straightening iron.

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