johnny depp blonde

Taking hair color cues from the likes of Kim Kardashian is not how we imagined Johnny Depp spending his days. But, like the classy reality star, he’s gone blonde. The actor debuted his new golden locks last weekend at the BFI Long Film Festival. The look, we hope, is only temporary. It’s most likely for his new roles in the film Into the Woods. We’re not totally feeling it, but in our eyes Johnny does no wrong –– besides that Wino Forever tattoo. Thinking about going blonde? There are several factors to consider. Read on to learn how to go blonde the right way. –– Michelle Rotbart

1. Consult with your Colorist

If you’re aching to have more fun, don’t do it alone. Consult with a professionally trained colorist and have them take you through the process.

2. Be Patient

Going blonde is a process and should be done gradually. To keep hair healthy, it’s good to go only two to three shades lighter at each appointment and do deep conditioning treatments in between.

3. Use the right products

Once the process is finished, you have to commit to using the right products. Color save shampoo and conditioner will keep your new flaxen color locked in and keep your hair healthy and luxurious.

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