“The beach wave” conjures images of the lived-in elegance of perfectly imperfect ‘S’ shaped waves. The style features straight hair at the crown, and drops down into a tumbling waterfall of waves. But we are now on the crest of a new wave.  Like its curlier cousin, the urban wave is defined by a straight drop down from the crown, which flows into tousled texture. The difference is that this wave is softer, looser; more winding spirals of disheveled texture than a surge of curl. Kate’s color fades to dirty blonde; the ombre dip-dye is a great way to highlight the texture change.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Apply styling whip roots to mid-lengths and set and style spray mid-lengths to ends.

Step: Using comb, center-part hair just off of center. This ensures that you do not split face harshly down the middle.

Step: Blowdry crown with paddle brush. Keep hair smooth, straight.

Step: Wrap large, loose sections of hair around a mid-to-large barrel curling iron. Hold for ten seconds and release. Repeat wherever you want the urban wave.

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