Trying everything from sexy curls to bouncy ponytails, Kate Beckinsale has been rocking some very impressive looks lately. And now she’s stunned us with another incredible look — this elaborate twisted low bun. Ladylike and elegant, this style is ideal for an evening out, and it’s not too difficult to replicate! You can steal Kate’s beautiful look by following the style notes below.

Step: Apply set and style spray to damp, towel-dried hair. Pulse Refinish dried shampoo into hair to add texture.

Step: Use a comb to create a side part, then use a blowdryer and a round brush to blowdry hair.

Step: Brush the hair back and down to one side. Backcomb the crown to add some volume.

Step: Braid the hair over one shoulder in a loose braid, leaving only one loose strand on the other side. Twist it around itself to create a loose, elegant bun, then pin in place.

Step: Use a mid-sized curling iron to curl the remaining strand of hair on the other shoulder. Mist the entire style with holding spray.

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