Ombre –– the graduation of color from dark to light –– is splitting great hair lovers into two. On the one hand, there are those that love the sensational melting effect of multi-tone shading; on the other, there are those who find it passé (ombre has been in the big cities for a few years now) or unappealing (the more dramatic raven to blonde colors are garish to some). With this debate, we will do well to remember hair is an accessory to enhance your natural charms –– if ombre helps you beautify, do it.  This image is a great example.  A classic long layer with the top pinned back to expose her cheekbones and eyes, the chocolate to caramel ombre is subtle, dynamic, and attractive. It brightens up her features while spotlighting the tousled texture draping down her back.

Step 1: For the ombre, ask your stylist for a dark chocolate base that graduates into caramel tones. Expect this to be done with an intricate foil pattern or freehand hair painting. Done correctly, they both achieve great results.

Step 2: For styling, cocktail styling whip and volume foam to get lots of body, combined with luster and shine.

Step 3: Rough dry with hands and blowdryer. For best results, use hands to lift hair off root, toss from side to side, up and down while applying heat. This gives you a nice natural texture.

Step 4: Comb back the top section and clip.

Step 5: More or less where the ombre becomes apparent, use a mid-size curling iron to create romantic, curly ringlets that drape elegantly down the neck, shoulders, and back.

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