Katie hasn’t looked this good since Dawson was taking her to the Creek! This hair color has so much brilliance –– we think it’s fab! The amount of shine gives it a luxurious, satiny feel. The center-parted, drop down tousle and flow is a Farrah Fawcett inspired seventies trend that is known as the beach wave. It is fast becoming hair’s new zeitgeist. Here, however, we are most in love with the hair color. It reminds us how fabulously earthy and natural brunette can be. It’s probably the most versatile hair color, too. A brown base can turn into a rich mocha, delicious caramel, warm beige –– or even go into ombre.

Step: Ask your colorist for a coffee brown tone with a satiny finish.

Step: Use color save shampoo and conditioner to preserve color and shine. Once weekly, used hair repair masque to increase health and luster.

Step: Rough dry hair with set and style spray. Mist product liberally into hair and blast with blowdryer as you toss hair around.

Step: Mist back and sides with thermal protector. Use large barrel curling iron to create cascading ‘S’ shaped beach waves.

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