Popular fashion blogger and designer, Keiko Lynn went to the New York’s acclaimed downtown institution, ARROJO, to update her look for Fashion Week. Tim Duenas, a veteran runway stylist, gave her a layered razor-cut that is shorter than her typical style, and added a sexy new sweeping bang –– she was soon writing on her blog about her new look: “It feels a lot lighter without all the extra length, and the shorter layers up top make it so that I can roll out of bed and it will still look cool. Hooray for haircuts!” So, what’s the key to getting a similarly effortless, wash and wear style? To get Tim’s insights, click style notes. 

Although Keiko likes to put her hair up a lot, she came to me looking for a style that would inspire her to wear her hair down more often. I felt it was the weight more than the length that was making Keiko lean towards updos, so, although we did cut off a fair bit of length, my main focus was to create heavy layers with the razor to melt the weight away. 

Keiko’s hair has a beautiful, natural wave and I played into this by giving her strong, side-swept bangs that accentuate her wonderful cheekbones and pretty eyes. 

Now she can wake up, apply refinish dry shampoo, shake and tousle into shape, and then roll to her latest glamorous assignment. It’s a classic ‘wash and wear’ finish. 

And any time Keiko does want to put her hair up, she can easily pull her hair back into any kind of bun, twist, or ponytail –– while keeping her gorgeous new fringe. –– Tim Duenas 


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