The spawn of a Rock Star, and now a sartorial critic, who better to champion the spiky stud hair accessory trend than British tearaway, Kelly Osbourne. Over the past few seasons studs have invaded our bags and belts and boots, but now they’re heading for our crowning glories; we can thank Kelly for showing us what we were missing. Spotted on the red carpet of the American Music Awards, her signature lavender candy-coat was covered in rows of gold studs, which amble down the head shape parallel to twin French braids. The plaits come together in a bun in the back, and this braided bun features an artful decoration of even more spiky studs. An attention-grabbing look that signals a new wave of punk-inspired beauty trends, you can learn more about wearing this unusual accessory in the style notes.
Step 1: For an inexpensive variety of hair accessories designed with spikes and studs, try TopShop, H&M, or www.esty.com. Wherever possible, take a close look at the clip, as poor quality hair clips can snag, causing breakage.
Step 2: To create a look similar to Kelly’s, apply refinish dry shampoo to add texture and grip to hair. Make two chunky French braids that go from the top of the head down to below the occipital bone in parallel straight lines. Wrap and twist into a braided bun in the back.
Step 3: Accent and emphasize the braids by placing rows of studs alongside each braid, with it following the same direction. Artfully intermingle more studs into the bun.
Step 4: Mist with primp working spray for humidity defense, support and shine.
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