A natural and beautiful brunette with sultry dark eyes, Khloe Kardashian is emerging from her sisters shadow to become her own paragon of style. These fabulous face-framing ombre highlights in a plush caramel-blonde tone spotlight the variation in texture as the hair begins to tousle and flow. An on-trend long layer with center-part, this is a classic, pretty and feminine way to wear the hair. If you go for a similar style, use a curling iron on the ends to create the soft ‘S’ shaped motion that make a brilliant addition to this look.

Step: Ask your colorist for painted-on ombre highlights on the ends. For a natural-looking style, pair a dark root with blondish ends.

Step:  Create a foundation for luster, volume and fullness by combining styling whip and volume foam roots to ends of damp, towel-dried hair.

Step: Blowdry hair with round brush. Take manageable sections and go from roots to ends.

Step: When close to dry, create a center-part with comb.

Step: Mist thermal protector lightly over the bottom half of the hair shaft. Do this on both side sections, where the waves will be.

Step: Wrap sections of this hair around curling iron. Hold for a few seconds; release. Complete the process on both sides. Create soft kicks and flips in a flowing style.

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