Lucky Krysten! Her hair is smooth, shiny, and straight, which gives her lots of great styling options. This cut features the outline of a classic box bob with bangs, but is deconstructed and disheveled for that modern, lived-in feel. The full straight bangs create the width that opens up her eyes, yet notice how the fringe is a little choppy, broken. This creates softness and texture, rather than the severity of a blunt line. The dark raven color suits her complexion, adds drama, and features sultry shine.

Step: On damp hair apply set & style spray. Next, do the wraparound blowdry, the best way to blowdry a bob.

Step: Simply: Using flat paddle brush wrap your hair around and around your scalp, while blowdrying in the same direction. Go round and round and round, then do the same in the opposite direction. Repeat till hair is 95% dry.

Step: Most likely, the texture will be a bit fuzzy. This is normal. Usually, the trick is to quickly brush and blowdry each panel roots to ends to make hair smoother. This time, however, you can play into the fuzzy texture to get the same disheveled elegance Krysten sports.

Step: Rub a tiny dab of texture paste into palms, place palms onto scalp and move back and forth, almost as if you want to create static. Finish by tousled the shape to your heart’s content.

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