It’s happened, Kylie Jenner the queen of cosmetic enhancement has gone au natural & removed her lip fillers. In honor of this monumental occasion, we’re going to show you how hop on the natural trend and transition back to your natural hair color.

So you’re a double process… I know that just the thought of going back to natural is giving you major anxiety. Take a deep breath. It’s going to be okay. I spoke to ARROJO Master Colorist MJ and he’s assured me that there are simple, damage-free ways to get back to your god-given color.


Grown Out Roots & A Heavy Highlight

Instead of going in for your regular 6-week root touch up, stretch it out till you’re a good 1.5-2 inch root. I know it may be hard to look in the mirror but I promise it will be worth it in the end. Once you’ve got a bit more root, you’re stylist can give you a heavy highlight instead of your usual DP service. This will allow for a softer transition, with a natural salon-created root look.


Root Shadow

If you despise the rooted look, the root shadow will be your best bet. A root shadow is when a darker tone is applied directly to your root, essentially creating a shadowed effect. It’s a perfect low maintenance option for the natural dark-haired girls, with less of a highlighted look.


Chop it Off & Get a Pixie

I know this sounds dramatic & scary, but continuous bleach at the scalp is a killer of more dreams & hair follicles than we care to admit. So if you’re hair is dry and damaged to the touch, you might want to get with a stylist and come up with a game plan. If your hair is too far gone, you can opt to get the big chop you’ve always wanted but have been too scared to do. Starting from scratch will allow your natural hair to grow in more quickly & WAY more healthy.


Everyone’s hair is different, so get with your stylist & come up with an action plan that works perfectly for you. In the meantime, cozy up with some of these hair repair masks: Hair Repair Treatment, Whipped Treatment & Healing Oil.

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