Chic, sleek side-parts are set to be all over next week’s Fashion Week runways, so if you want to beat the hoi polloi to the trend, this Holiday weekend is go. Hair is kept ultra-slight with the front worn sleek across the head, giving a glossy, geometric feel. Shiny, clean, and feminine the style should be controlled, but the hair should not be stiff. For our tips for making similar style at home, click style notes.

Step: Towel-dry clean hair to damp. Cocktail a dime-size of hair gel with a few drops of shine luxe oil. Work through hair using a wide-tooth comb for even distribution.

Step: Blowdry using paddle brush; focus on keeping hair on the scalp –– you want to dial down the volume as much as possible while creating straightness, sleekness, and shine.

Step: Once more or less dry, take a little more hair gel, and apply to a regular comb. Now use this comb to make a deliciously sleek side-part.

Step: Tuck rest of style behind ears so the emphasis is on the dramatic front. Length can be worn down, or tucked into a bun, pony, or twist. If wearing it down, use a flat-iron to make it super straight and sleek.

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