We can always count on Lauren Conrad for feminine, trendy hairstyles, and this lovely braided headband is no exception. First of all, Lauren’s golden ombre locks are to die for, and this cute headband braid simply adds to the look. It’s simple enough that you can use it as an everyday style, but it looks incredibly chic and elegant. Lauren’s braid looks flawless, and we really hope this summer style will carry over into fall.

Step: Apply set and style spray to damp hair. Use a comb to create a side part.

Step: Grab a small section of hair from one side of the head and begin loosely braiding it. Once you finish the braid, secure with a clear elastic.

Step: Cross this braided strand over the head to the other side, and pin in place.

Step: Create another braid on the other side of the head, then cross it over so it is an inch or two behind the first braid. Pin in place on the other side of the head.

Step: Use a curling iron to loosely curl a few random strands, then run your fingers through the curls to make them loose and wavy.

Step: Mist with holding spray.

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