Lea Michele always stuns us with her elaborate, glamorous looks, but it’s nice to see her toning it down with something a bit more simple. She recently stepped out in this textured side braid, a style that could easily go from the grocery store to the red carpet. It has the charm and sweetness of a regular braid, but the chunky texture gives it that extra edge. Lea is completely rocking the disheveled romantic look; we can’t wait to see more similar looks from her!

Step: Pulse Refinish dry shampoo into hair to achieve a rough, gritty texture. This will also add volume to the braid.

Step: Pull all of the hair to one side and separate into three strands. Begin loosely braiding.

Step: Continue to braid hair over the shoulder, arbitrarily pulling out a few strands as you go along. Don’t worry about making the braid precise or even. Secure with an elastic.

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