Shorter we go. Joining the likes of Rita Ora and Ginnifer Goodwin, British-born beauty Lily Collins has chopped off her bob, going for a playful and chic pixie cut. Pixie cuts are a trendy, fun and flirty alternative for spring, especially when worn with a bespoke fringe, tight nape, and loose ends that tousle, swish and swoop. Learn about getting a fashionable pixie in the notes.


Tailoring: Shorter shapes rely on detailing for a personalized and beautifying look. A bang can be micro and charming, or strong and geometric, or long and flirty, or texturized and separated. You could even leave a few wispy bits in the back if you are concerned about a tight nape lacking femininity.

The Silhouette: The silhouette of a short cut helps to define the personality of the style. Lots of texture, movement, and separation indicates softness and playfulness and casual insouciance; a crisper outline featuring strong geometry suggests prim and proper polish.

Styling: Create loose natural textures by air drying with styling whip; add defining cream on the ends to encourage graphic visual interest. For more textural separation, cocktail small dabs of hair creme and texture paste, work through hair, tousle and separate. For a more controlled, sultry finish, blowdry with hair creme.

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