Whatever your keratin specialist is telling you, the texture trend is happening. Honestly, in the coolest salons, on the coolest streets, in the coolest cities girls about town have been embracing and enhancing texture for a while, creating contemporary interpretations of the personality, beauty and grace of textured hairstyles. Starring gap-toothed Lindsey Wixson in a remarkably soft and bouncy and buxom cascade of curl, perhaps Fendi’s spring ’15 campaign will be the tipping point for swirly looks. You are probably thinking: “Well if I had hair like that I’d wear it natural too. . .” Right on, but this is not Lindsey’s natural texture. It features some clever styling, but nothing you can’t do at home. Learn how in the notes.

Step: Towel dry hair to damp. Mix several handfuls of cream whip with a dime size of styling creme. Using approx 10-12 very small rollers (for tight yet sprightly curls), roll entire head onto rollers in 1-inch sections. Mist entire head with holding spray. Allow hair to dry.

Step: Release rollers. Coat hands with healing oil and use them to gently loosen and tousle the curls, creating a perfectly imperfect, soft and bouncy shape.

Step: If curls fail to form as you like them, mist hair lightly with protective thickening lotion and use a small-barrel curling iron or wand to create the shape and style your heart desires.

Step: Alternatively, if you want to wear full and bouncy, natural-looking waves and curls everyday that you do not blow dry your hair straight, try an American Wave service. A contemporary texture enhancing service inspired by editorial hair and invented by ARROJO, view all salons across American that offer the service via the salon locator.


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