Elizabeth Hail’s pretty and textured side sweep is a great weekend change up option for longer haired ladies. By keeping one side casually tucked back, with the other side textured and tumbling forward, she creates a beautiful asymmetrical face frame with plenty of visual interest. The cute pushed to the side bang completes the style with and classy touch, one that spotlights her eyes. Learn about shaping similar styles in the notes.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Liberally apply styling whip, roots to ends. Rough dry hair in hands; lift hair off the roots, scrunch and twist and toss around as you dry, encouraging natural texture and volume.

Step: Once more or less dry, make a side part and a bang section. Loosely brush the short side behind the ear; if necessary use a pin to hold in place.

Step: Gather the long side and mist with protective thickening lotion. Working in alternate directions for a natural wave, use a curling wand to create soft ‘S’ shapes that tumble down the neck and shoulders.

Step: Comb bangs into shape and mist whole style with primp working spray for hold and shine.



Hair Blog 92

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