Layered off-the-shoulder hair cuts, like Emma Stone’s, are some of the most popular styles, offering femininity and elegance within a beautifying shape. Occasionally, though, wearing hair long and flowing is a bit of a bore, so it’s important to have a variety of up-styles in your arsenal. Emma’s coiffed pompadour effect is a great example of melding current trends with an artful updo. Back in fashion, the pompadour turns back off the forehead in an poised roll, adding extra height, which elongates her cheekbones for a streamlined and striking, off-the-face look. The back can be gathered and styled in a few ways; a French twist or rolled up bun both work well. For our tips on making a style similar to Emma’s, click style notes.

Step: Separate the top section of hair out of the way. Use pomade to slick back the sides and gather this hair in the back, on or around the occipital bone. Put into a twist or bun as desired. Mist with primp for hold, shine, and texture.

Step: Release the top section and lightly dampen. Using a comb for even distribution, apply pomade from front to back.

Step: Choose a side on the top of your head and comb hair diagonally while lifting with your comb. This will give your hair height, while creating the rolling pompadour style. Give your wrist a “flick” at the end so it gets that classically curved shape. For extra hold, mist primp over finished look.


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