The official wrap of Paris Fashion Week was done by none other than Louis Vuitton. The Louvre became a portal to the 18th century, where we got aristocratic vibes mixed with modern sporty athleisure.

“It’s an anachronism,” Creative Director Ghesquière said. “It’s about how some pieces are considered costume, and it was interesting to explore a way of incorporating them again in a wardrobe that I love. Let’s call it ‘anachronism with a hint of romanticism’.”

The best part of the show was the Stranger Things t-shirt appearance.  Check out the collection below.



KIM_0145 KIM_0079 KIM_0195 KIM_0559 KIM_0319 KIM_0469 KIM_0769  KIM_0543 KIM_0607 KIM_0503 KIM_0847


All photos courtesy of Vogue.com

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