This elegantly styled mid-length is a great fit for Lucy Hale’s wide smile, pretty eyes, and delicate features. The face-framing asymmetry created when one side is tucked behind the ear while the other is allowed to fall forward is classic styling, and encourages ones eyes to drift across her beautiful visage. Use a curling iron to make tumbling waves, and style them so they graze sexily over shoulders.

Step: Apply styling whip and thermal protector to damp hair.

Step: Rough dry hair with hands. Toss up and down, round and round while applying heat.

Step: Make a relatively narrow side part. This is done by using the inside arch of the eyebrow as guide.

Step: Tuck and pin the short side of part behind ear.

Step: One the long side, use a large barrel curling iron to create cascading waves that drape down the neck and shoulders.

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