Why do we love Kim Kardashian so much? Is it her antics? Is it her family get togethers? Is it her dancing? Or her romancing? No, we don’t think so.It’s her hair! Whether it’s long or really, really long it always has feminine allure. It always looks healthy, it mostly looks natural. And, as a new wave of modern multi-textured styles start to hit the city streets, she was one of the first to champion the tousle and go of a loose beach wave. Kim’s hair color changes a lot, but check this chestnut brown tone –– so soft, so sensual! 

Step: Ask your stylists for a long, loose layer with center-part and a rich chestnut brown full process color. Add a few highlights if lighter tones are a better fit for your complexion.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Create a loose center part.

Step: Cocktail Hair Creme and Styling Creme –– hair creme for softness and luster, styling creme for lift, hold and support. Apply roots to ends.

Step: Use Boar Bristle Round Brush to blowdry roots to ends in easy sections. Focus on smoothness, shape, and luster.

Step: Mist Thermal Protector into style. Use a 1.5 / 2-inch curling iron to add texture. Wind small sections onto iron, hold for ten seconds, and release. Repeat anywhere wavy texture is desired.

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