Texture and Shine?  That’s a whole new hair game.

We are no stranger to the fact that texture has transformed the beauty industry, with a foray of icons, social media stars and celebrities donning a perfectly undone bedhead-inspired look.  But what if your texture could actually be infused with glossy shine?  Behold, ARROJO’s latest American Wave product line, featuring Glint, a glossy texture & shine spray.

Click below for ARROJO’s notes on how to style the hair with Glint.

Step 1:  Apply Arrojo Curl Definer generously to strands and scrunch and twirl 1/4 inch locks of hair.

Step 2:  Diffuse hair while keeping with scrunching motion until hair is about half way dry.  Follow up with Arrojo Wave Mist and complete scrunching motion until hair is fully dry.

Step 3:  Twist individual locks of hair and spray with Glint, or spray entire head lightly.  Fluff up hair and shake it until perfectly undone look is achieve.

Step 4:  Look in the mirror.  Who knew texture & shine could co-exist?


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