Winged Eyeliner

I pretty much came out of the womb rocking winged eyeliner—it’s a classic look that never goes out of style. From Marilyn Monroe to Lauren Conrad, with bold red lips or a sweet pink flush, winged eyeliner can be dressed up or dressed down like your favorite little black dress. For something so simple and versatile, however, it can be a difficult look to achieve. Check the notes for tips and tricks on how to perfect your winged liner look. –– Olivia Paladino

1. Stabilize your hand

Plant your elbow on the surface of your makeup vanity. This will help stabilize your hands to create a cleaner line on the first shot.


2. Short strokes

Create a line across your lid using short strokes rather than drawing one continuous line. This will help you get the eyeliner closer to the lash line and give control over how thin or thick you want the line to be (hint: eyeliner should be thinner toward the inner corner and thicker toward the outer edge to create the illusion of bigger eyes).


3. Connect the dots 

Begin your winged liner with a perfect line across the lash line first—then, draw one diagonal line from the outer corner of the eye toward the eyebrow, the length depending on how large you want your wing. Connect that line to the one across your lash line, and fill in the resulting triangle with black liner.


4. They’re sisters—NOT twins

Don’t get hung up if your winged eyeliner is not perfectly symmetrical on both eyes—remember, they’re sisters, not twins. Once you’ve completed your second eye, walk away from the mirror. Trust me, no one can notice


Olivia Paladino is a graduate of ARROJO Cosmetology School and is now a professional stylist. Follow her inspirations via her Instagram.

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