Creating waves is easy, getting them to stick is not. No matter how great you are at styling, getting waves to last over time can be difficult. If you love springy spirals then the permanent texturizing service American Wave is for you. This service can give you the waves, curls and bounce you love on a permanent basis. Click the notes for more about the service.


This amazing before and after is from a recent American Wave class in Florida. The style of waving done on her hair was a beach wrap. This wrap is the perfect for the girl that wants texture and movement without her hair feeling overly big. The top and sides of the hair are kept flatter for a more modern and relaxed feel


So what are the stand out benefits to an American Wave?

Soft Texture: This is not a hard or overly styled looking wave like perms of the past. The feel is touchable and natural
Wash and Wear Hair: I think everyone would like to have a little extra time in the morning, the American Wave gives you hair that looks like you spent hours on it when all you did was shampoo and go.
Damage Free Waves: Healthy hair always looks best. Lots of heat styling can cause tons of breakage leaving you with flyways all over your strands. The American Wave is a gentle and damage free system leaving you with shiny bouncy strands that require zero heat to make look great all the time.
Smooth Waves: A great quality to the American Wave service is it helps iron fuzzy bits leaving you with smooth glistening waves even when humidity starts to creep up. Amazing right?
Customizable: While there are a few set wrap styles depending on how you would like your finished result to look, a skilled stylist can customize those to fit your personality perfectly.
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