Long and layered, shiny and lustrous, full and thick, Mandy Moore’s wow factor! hairstyle is what everybody wants. Women want to wear it, men want to touch it –– because it is bouncy and voluptuous, sultry and sexy, alluring and deserving. A tumbling, disheveled beach wave, the tousle and flow dances all around Mandy’s beautiful face, which draws eyes to her luscious lips, strong cheekbones, piercing eyes.

Step: Towel-dry hair to damp. Apply styling whip roots to ends, followed by styling creme, roots to ends.

Step: Wrap two-to-three inch sections of hair around three fingers, creating tight, hand-held twists. Now blowdry each hand-held twist up and down with the nozzle always pointing down. Repeat this technique all over. It is a great way to create loose, cascading, natural-looking beach waves.

Step: Increase texture, volume, and the gritty, lived-in beachy feel by pulsing a few hits of Refinish dry shampoo into finished look.

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